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pterjan's diary

2004-11-02 Almost back to a normal life

  I live in my new flat in Asnières sur Seine since last Saturday. After some problems with France Telecom, I don't know when I'll be able to subscribe to ADSL. Their eligibilty system still tell me that my phone number does not exist more than one week after the phone started working... Need to call them again...

  Meanwhile I can sometimes get an unstable connection using an unknown neigbour's wifi (but I never got it more than few minutes...). I got really surprised to scan 33 different MAC adresses from my flat ! However, only 2 are open and I could only connect to one.

  I bought a new harddrive on staurday (thanks Anne for dropping the bag before I can even use it, you're lucky it still works fine :) ). I may be able to resume all my pending projects soon, especially the PLF Move.

  Work at Mandrakesoft is going nicely (a lot of projects, I won't get bored soon).

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  Olivier (2004-12-23 18:14)

RSS link doesn't update.....<br>I've your RDF in my newsreader, but it's never updated

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