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2005-01-02 Happy new year

  2 months without updates, it's really long, but I did not do much stuff worth posting here. Mostly worked a lot :-)

  New hardware

I patched few stuff (samba utils, Apache's mod_proxy_ftp), packaged RT2500 driver using dkms but could not advance much on my personnal projects (especially PLF+Gnome Move) as I still could not get my home PC to work fine. The BIOS often hangs at the time it should choose the disk to boot on, so I start thinking my disk failures may come from the motherboard, nice occasion to replace my Athlon 850 by something using Socket 939... Especially now that Cooker-x86_64 exists. I'll try to find a motherboad with hardware RAID, loosing data is realy something I hate !


I got my ADSL connection more than one month ago now, ADSL2+ is really fine :-) I can download at 1.1MB/s and upload at almost 120KB/s with 6ms ping for 29.99€/month (phone and TV included but I do not use phone and have no TV to plug :-) ) ! When I remember what providers offered 2 years ago, I see how much things changed...

  New year's Day

I worked on the 31, but I had a really nice evening with friends from school, some of them I hadn't seen for more than one year. I played a few go games, what I had not done for too long. I should try to find some people to play with on Paris...

2005-01-09 New mobile phone

  I received my new Siemens CXT65 yesterday, and today I decided to play with it. I could get my phonebook with scmxx but I sent only corrupted pictures and I had to reboot the phone after each transfer... Then I tried irobex_palm3 (from openobex-apps) and that work really fine (and no need for any option, just irobex_palm3 <file_to_send>) ! Here is the result. However, this phone handles badly alpha channel in png :-(

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2005-01-18 Misc

  More on my CXT65

I tried to send a wav to my phone but was unable to play it.

After several tries, I fetched one of the provided files and found it was RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, IMA ADPCM, mono 16000 Hz while I had been sending RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 11025 Hz. Using the same format, it worked fine :) I also tried IMA ADPCM, mono 11025 Hz but it didn't work.

So, if you have the same phone, the magic command is

sox <input file> -i -r 16000 <output file>

  Funny Links

I was planning to post 2 links today but Laurent posted them before (together with a third one), so let's link his blog instead :)