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pterjan's diary

2005-02-20 Monthly update


Played with qemu lately. It's slower than VMWare but my machine is more responsive and I can still use it while I have a virtual system booting so it's a first good point for qemu.

The network setup is quite powerfull as you can do everything "by hand". I wrote a small script that I use to have all my virtual machines bridged (to test network installs) on a private network and still be able to mount real nfs shares or download things from the Internet.

Currently for my usage there are only 3 limitations in qemu : the network is slow, the network card does not handle PXE, the cdrom drive has to be hdc.

Many thanks for this great work !

  More on QEMU

Today, DLFP was down for maintainance and a move to a new hosting, so I read slashdot and met a news about QEMU Accelerator Module. This kernel module allows near native performance in qemu. A friend of mine tested it to install Windows XP. I only tested booting a Mandrakelinux image I already had : the boot time decreased from 2 min 40 to 1 minute !

That's very nice and I hope the author will soon get sponsors and free it !


2005 Edition of FOSDEM is next Week-End. This year I won't handle a booth so I hope I'll see more of the so interesting conferences !

  La marche de l'empereur (The Emperor's Journey)

I went to see this movie (only available in French currently I think) yesterday. Pictures are really beautiful, the music is nice, the only thing I didn't like was the voices speaking. A nice thing I read somewhere on the internet is that on the DVD we'll be able to deactivate the voices :)

I think I had never seen a movie with so few people in the room (the photo does not show the 2 friends of mine at my side).