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pterjan's diary


  Gaim 2.0.0 beta1 in Cooker

As a lot of people (103 IP to be precise) downloaded my packages and I got only one minor bug reported, I finally uploaded the packages to Cooker repository.

I also uploaded to my 2006.0 repository the backport for i586, enjoy.

  Xorg uses daCode !

Xorg website uses the daCode CMS I used to contribute to. That's quite strange as the project have been dead for about 3 years... They did dot remove the board and that shows the board timestamps are not compatible with the MySQL recent version they are using.

Anyway, seing the really old LinuxFR logo on Xorg website is enough for me to have fun :)

  Freebox TV on your PC

This post is dedicated to clients of Free ADSL, so only French people, but I'll go on in English for consistency :)

Since this morning people with Freebox version 3 or 4 and who receive TV on it, can now watch it on their computer(s). That's quite easy to use, there is a playlist with all the rtsp urls for available channels. You then need mplayer or VLC to access the channels (currently the rtsp server is not compatible with realplayer).

You can watch different channels on your different computers if your freebox is in router mode (and if you have enough bandwidth). As I don't use the Freebox as a router but use my own gateway/firewall, only the gateway could have the TV but it has no screen :) Using it on my laptop instead was quite easy : I just needed to redirect evrything comming from to the laptop. A better solution would be ip_connatrack_rtsp/ip_nat_rtsp but I couldn't manage to build it...

Now that it works fine, I can close VLC as it looks like there is still nothing interesting on TV even if I now receive 102 channels (I had stopped watching TV for about 3 years).

Update : Someone wrote a patch to add an option to VLC so that you can chose the port and forward only it and the next one. I slightly modified it (default to old behaviour, not to a hardcoded port) and applied to cooker package. Backport for 2006.0 will be available in my 2006.0 repository within a few hours.

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  Harisson (2005-12-31 15:32)

Hello Pascal,<br><br>Could you provide a special vlc-win32 (with integration of win32codecs, livedotcom etc) Mandriva package ?

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