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  Google blacklist ?

A friend of mine has started a project to create a Linux configuration tool for the Alicebox, the all-in-one modem of the French ISP Alice (Telecom Italia France). He created a webpage with all the information he had gathered about the alicebox and posted it to some forums talking about Alice and Linux.

All the forums are well indexed by Google, including the pages containing the link, but strangely his page still does not appear in Google after more than one month. The URL got submitted to Google, there is no robots.txt, ...

Anyone would know why does Google avoid it ?

Update: I still don't have any explanation but now (Jan 19) it appears as first result for the request "alicebox linux". Did my post help ?

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  Xorg keyboard handling limitation

I think I own about one thousand books, so I bought a CueCat USB barcode reader to use it with Alexandria.

It works out of the box but does not give me barcodes. Instead of 071486031024, I get àè&'_-à"&àé'. The reason is quite simple: it behaves like a keyboard, but a QWERTY keyboard and my laptop has an AZERTY one.

After some investigation, it looks like we can't set different layout for the different keyboard devices. I filled a bug report but I don't hope a fix as this kind of limitation is usually embedded deep inside the software architecture. The fun part is that even if according to Google nobody faced this issue, someone asked about it [FR] today !

The only way I found to use the reader is to switch keyboard layout before using it which is not really convenient...

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  blOp2 [Sure :)]