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  How to report a bash bug ?

I faced a bash bug regarding completion few weeks ago. I tried to send it to the list bug-bash (a) on March, 1st. Few days after, some messages where posted everyday but mine did not appear so I tried the newsgroup gnu.bash.bug. Nothing again...

Then I learnt that got problems on their ML servers at this time, so I posted it again on March, 6. I got no news on this message since but new bugs or replies are posted everyday.

What should I do now ? Does anyone know a reliable way to report a bash bug ?

The bug itself is quite simple : When some directories (or link to directories) are present in some directory listed in $PATH, they are returned as if they were commands. The following will complete to foo[SPACE] as if foo was a command :

# mkdir /usr/bin/foo
# fo[TAB]

Update: My mail from March 06 finally appeared on the ML on March 23 ! (but not on the newsgroup where I still was waiting for it)

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  manu (2006-03-18 15:15)

Hi,<br><br>I think that bash completion is rather independent from bash development.[1]<br><br>On the other hand, perhaps you need to use the script to send the bug report. From bash FAQ[2]:<br>How do I report bugs in bash, and where should I look for fixes and advice?<br><br>Use the `bashbug' script to report bugs. It is built and<br>installed at the same time as bash. It provides a standard<br>template for reporting a problem and automatically includes<br>information about your configuration and build environment. <br><br>`bashbug' sends its reports to, which<br>is a large mailing list gatewayed to the usenet newsgroup gnu.bash.bug. <br><br>Bug fixes, answers to questions, and announcements of new releases<br>are all posted to gnu.bash.bug. Discussions concerning bash features<br>and problems also take place there.<br><br>To reach the bash maintainers directly, send mail to<br><br><br>Don't let it get lost!<br><br><br>[1]<br>[2]

  pterjan (2006-03-18 16:49)

Yes I had read it. I used the bug command to generate the mail but the machine add no internet access so I pasted the filled in template and sent it by mail to the given address...<br>Regarding completion, I had disabled programmable completion configuration sourcing, so I think the bug is in bash not in the config files.

  manu (2006-03-18 21:44)

Maybe you should send it to bash-maintainers.<br>Also the tool 'whereis' has the same behaviour. If you do:<br><br>$ whereis X11<br>X11: /usr/bin/X11 /etc/X11 /usr/lib/X11 /usr/include/X11<br><br>I have the feeling that this is wrong and, worse, it must slowdown a lot completion and search for files in the PATH.

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