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pterjan's diary


  Welcome, Ubuntu developers!

Ubuntu's decision to include more proprietary software in next release and install some by default has sent shockwaves through the community. If you are an Ubuntu developer who is concerned about the long term consequences of this decision, you may be interested in switching to a free (like speech) Linux distribution.

If you have an interest in being part of a vibrant community that cares about free software, please do join us on Mandriva (or any other project providing a free (like speech) distribution).

This is an answer to Mark Shuttleworth as I really don't like how he tries to benefit from issues in other free software communities.

Update: Someone had the same idea and provided a better version.

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  taratatata (2006-11-25 17:01)

Mark Shuttleworth isn't competing on merit. Canonical has no business model today (what about tomorrow ?) and is located in the fucking Isle of Man. The practice of sending free CDs like AOL smells badly of "dumping".<br><br>I hope to see the day we can dig a hole and bury this company and those developers.

  Guillaume Knispel (2006-11-25 18:15)

From what I can see Microsoft has won : the free software community is more divided than ever. There are now multiple "free software communities", and they fight against each others. Now it's all about Novell vs Canonical vs Mandriva vs RedHat... :/ :(((( FUCK THAT<br>Will anyone just stop this madness and go back to code and innovate?!? Or we won't go anymore further.<br>You don't like Ubuntu/OpenSuSE/Mandriva? All right don't think about them anymore and stop talking to them forever. But for god sake stop messing around with such childish post and answers (this is applicable to everyone)!!!<br>This isn't even a funny parody (not to mention the burying Free Software developers idea in comments which probably just comes from a moron brain-damaged gut who don't even want to say his name...)

  pterjan (2006-11-25 18:26)

Various Free Software communities have always existed and I don't think they now fight.<br>This post is not against Ubuntu community, only against one guy, Mark Shuttleworth, who attacks another community. I don't participate in openSUSE and have been contributing to Mandrake/Mandriva for more than 5 years, but i don't like what this guy is trying to do. <br>I enjoy working with people participating in Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu/openSUSE/Gentoo/... but I can't stand how this guy tries to make Ubuntu the only Linux distro, especially when he attacks other communites to steal people.

  taratatata (2006-11-25 18:49)

I admit, when some debian developers were saying Ubuntu is "evil" (meaning "Ubuntu wants to steal the time of the debian developers paid by them and wants them to not make good packages for debian), i was skeptic. But Mark Shuttleworth can't shut his mouth. He's betraying himself.<br>Ubuntu isn't interested in giving back. Ubuntu is interested in taking all they can from all the competing distro. And they want to become the Meta-distro where all the derivatives will lie. They hated the Debian Common Core project.<br><br>That's not a pleasing situation. We can only hope the most important people, the ones that bring the money in the corporate world, won't choose to use Ubuntu. We need this distribution to suck all the money they can from Mark and die.