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pterjan's diary


  PLF needs you

The machines used by (PLF, Jpackage, EasyUrpmi, this blog, ...) need a new sister.

The main machine with 6 Xeon 700 (donated by HP) works fine, but people buying new machines mostly get x86_64 and PLF still don't own x86_64 build host.

We had a look at prices and we can get something for about 1500€ at Dell. The machine admins are ready to pay about half of this money but since the call for donations on zarb-user list, we only got 15€.

So, if you use and/or support PLF, we are interested in either a x86_64 server, some reduction on a server or your money :-)

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  Luis_P (2006-12-04 21:10)

Can we use PayPal for donations?

  Benjamin (2006-12-04 22:13)

Please tell us if we can donate through paypal. Thanks.

  pterjan (2006-12-04 23:17)

Yes, you can send the money to guillaume's account, the email is guillomovitch at zarb dot org.<br><br>Thanks !

  Villacampa (2006-12-05 16:27)

In Europe there are some banks that doesn't charge for european transactions of money from one bank account to another.<br><br>For example in ING DIRECT that is present in a lot of european countrys: . Having an account on that bank is really easy, and have no spenses at all, and have no charges on european transactions.<br><br>If someone from plf had an account there, it would be better for donating money. All the money would go to PLF.<br><br>Is it not a good idea? (and could be any other bank that have the same features than ING).

  pterjan (2006-12-05 17:56)

I think receiving transfer is always Free (at least it is in my bank) but sending is sometimes not (I don't pay if I request the transfer over internet but pay if I use another way).<br>If someone want to send money like this I can give the IBAN to interested people.

  Nicola (2006-12-06 19:22)

Hi Pascal, i'm reporting this found raising request on the Mandriva Italia forum and another big OSS blog here in italy.<br><br>If you can point out a "contact" page to give to people to do donations I'd really appreciate, because on the PLF site I found none (maybe it's just the 12h of pc work that have gotten me blind!)<br><br>Let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

  Villacampa (2006-12-11 20:29)

pterjan, i'm interested on sending money with a bank transfer, could you give me the IBAN, please?

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