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  Sorry for the SPAM from

If I have already sent you an email from my gmail account, you have received a spam called "Salut" sent from in my name.

After receiving such invitation from 3 of my friends over the last week, I decided to try this website as I did not understand what did it have interesting. Like most modern sites they suggest to look for your contacts from other adressbooks (gmail, yahoo, msn, ...). I don't know why I decided to import my gmail adressbook to this unknown site but I really regret it now : they sent that spam automatically to all my gmail address book, meaning hundreds of people and a few mailing lists :(

I closed my account and complained to them about their methods but that's too late...

I'm really sorry about this, I will be much more careful with your addresses from now on :(



So, the GUADEC 2007 is almost over, and the sunny time in Birmingham is already. Thanks to the rain for waiting for the closing before really starting :)

This was my first GUADEC after 3 years missing it because of workload at that time. This is really a great conference! I could meet a lot of great people, and could go and hit vincent when finding crashes in the panel.

I also learned about some interesting software like the memory analysis tool exmap-console for which I have created a Mandriva rpm since.

Some demonstrations were impressive like Elisa or Clutter. Some other talks where really interesting like the one about multi user desktops or the one about new Xorg features.

Thanks to the sponsors for the 3 T-Shirts and the 2GB Mandriva Flash, and to Fluendo for the additional T-Shirt :)

I did not take as much photos as I usually do (fighting to get network and listening to talks takes some time :) ) but will upload some to Flickr on Sunday or Monday.

See you next year in Istanbul hopefully !

  ssh ports

I don't know if this is only the configuration which has changed or if this is a new feature of 4.6 but this is so cool ! Now ssh takes into account the port when checking the key, so when I access another machine behind NAT using another port, it no longer tells me that the key has changed !


  Photos uploaded

I finished uploading my GUADEC 2007 photos, most are not tagged enough yet. If you want to help, you just need to be in my contacts on Flickr :)

Here is a small selection :

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