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pterjan's diary


  Nice email...

I received this today :

From:   tezz hurt 
Reply to:
Subject:        i must kill you
Date:   Sat, 6 Oct 2007 16:09:00 +0000 (18:09 CEST)

I am clifford avrus the murderer who lives in united kingdom. but i was paid 100.000.000 to eliminate you,but i decided to let you know where exactly your death is coming from.
Did you ever offend your friend who planned now as i am mailing you to kill you.Anytime from now i will be at your family home first to kill number of your family,and thereafter you and so close to you.
All your contacts and families contacts are with me now,i just felt that i should let you know before coming after you.
E-mail to contact

Google does not know this message, and that's the first time I see it. It was sent from an IP in Nigeria...

What do they expect with such message ? Just getting a reply ? Did any of you get this too ?

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  Drakedalfa (2007-10-06 20:06)

Maybe he uses Ubuntu and is angry.

  Martin (2007-10-06 20:40)

Report it to the police. Death threats should always be reported, no matter how silly they may seem.<br><br>Mind you... wonder what he's being paid in. Lira?

  ac (2007-10-06 21:21)

That scammer wants you to pay him for NOT "killing" you.

  SODIX (2007-10-06 23:11)

>Maybe he uses Ubuntu and is angry.<br><br>Hhahahahaha:D<br><br>+1.

  ac (2007-10-06 23:30)

This is it in detail:<br><br>

  Putifuto (2007-10-07 11:27)

Don't forget to put yours admins keys of DLFP site on the board :-)

  Benjamin (2007-10-09 14:49)

C'est peut-être un joueur de StreetWars qui a dérapé ? :)

  Misc (2007-10-09 15:23)

Hey, he told me he would not tell to you :(

  Pascal (2007-10-09 15:54)

Misc: tu sous-traite maintenant ? On manque de main d'oeuvre ?

  Lea (2007-10-10 18:32)

I also got the same email today with just slightly different words and from different addresses.

  malakhi (2007-10-10 18:55)

Hey, I got that message, too. I actually posted about it on my blog: