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pterjan's diary



I came back from Taiwan 10 days ago, and have only uploaded the photos of the first four days yet (out of three weeks), so don't except do watch them all soon :)

It was great, people there are really nice and helpful (sometimes too much, you can't watch a map more than 30s before someone offer you some help). I need to go back there, for several reasons including that I did not visit the beautiful eastern part of the island !

Since I'm back, except fixing bugs, I added support for sound keys in the EeePc (generating input events for mute and volume keys in asus_acpi), I think this solution is more clean that having a shell script launching amixer. I also binded fn+f6 to webcam toggling as I could not find what this key is intended to do. I then discovered the asus-laptop module, so I will have to port all of this to it before discussing it upstream...

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  Bruno Michel (2008-03-06 23:21)

I think fn + f6 is for the application manager. It's like a graphical version of top, or a port of the application that popup with ctrl+alt+del on windows : you can see the running applications, kill them, stop the eeepc or restart it...

  Pascal (2008-03-06 23:29)

Oh I see, thanks :)<br>I should have tried before erasing the Xandros with a Mandriva :) (2011-05-25 07:08)

Fasmz.. Smashing :)

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