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pterjan's diary


  Scare your bugs away with Nemiver

On last Saturday I investigated make check failing in glib on my GNOME build slave. One of the tests was segfaulting so I was about to use gdb but as I did not want to install and I heard that Nemiver has libtool support, I decided to install it.

I started it and... the test did not crash. Then I started the test again in the shell and it did not crash either. Just installing Nemiver was enough to fix the bug!

OK, the real explanation is that installing Nemiver pulled in desktop-file-utils which was needed for this test.

  Mandriva Linux 2009 Released

Mandriva Linux 2009 was released this morning and is already available on mirrors or bittorrent. As usual you will find the packages and iso images (Free containing only Free Software and One which is a live CD with proprietary drivers). Commercial edition (PowerPack) is also available with proprietary software like LightZone.

Amongst a lot of changes, it contains GNOME 2.24 (and KDE 4.1), and a new design for the installer and the control center which had not changed over the last few years.

Some work has also been done to improve again boot time (we had not worked on that for a few years and it was more than time to improve it again).

Another point which should not be visible for most people is tcb integration and the use of pam_tcb instead of pam_unix.

To read more about what's new in this release, you can follow the Release Tour.

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  Adam Williamson (2008-10-09 20:10)

It's worth noting that this is the first final release distro to include GNOME 2.24. :)

  John (2008-10-09 21:52)

What Adam said, especially considering the pgo audience! :-)<br><br>This is a really great release, feels super-polished. Congrats and thanks to everyone!

  paul (2008-10-10 02:02)

looking forward to testing this release out, just done the dreaded purchase this morning :) however my pain is over almost over download off powerpack is nearly there ,2008.0, 200.1 now 2009.0 :)