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  Apple fail

OK this is an American company so ASCII should be enough but would be great if their French website was checked by some French speaking people.

So, their new product can be seen there. As they will fix it, here is a screenshot. Wonderful description of the product "Parfaitement con", meaning "Totally stupid", or more literally "Perfectly cunt".

The image for English version of this sentence:

The image for French version of this sentence:

The logical explanation is that French sentence started by "Parfaitement conçu" (perfectly designed) and the tool creating the image failed on the first non ASCII character...

Update: it is now fixed and the new image is

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  Hub (2008-10-14 21:11)

Literally it translate to "Perfectly cunt".<br><br>Gotta love it :-D

  Pascal (2008-10-14 21:12)

I fixed the translation, thanks :)

  starmad (2008-10-15 00:26)

And unibody ? How do you translate it in French ?<br>(Yes, body is not a french world)<br>Maybe uniblock or monoblock ?

  Ms Grammar (2008-10-15 05:24)

When you type it into a translation website, you might get "perfectly cunt", but it wouldn't be interpreted that way. The only translation means "perfectly retarded/stupid/silly". Parfaitment/perfectly is an adverb so it precedes a verb like "engineered" or an adjective like "silly" or "stupid". Here, "con" can't mean cunt, which is a noun. Just like in English we can't say "Perfectly vagina".

  Béranger (2008-10-15 08:17)

ASCII RULZ!!!111! :g<br>Apple est extraordinairement conŸu!

  boklm (2008-10-15 15:29)

It's possible that they did this error voluntarily to have more people visiting their website.<br><br>Maybe we should add a very funny translation error on the page describing Mandriva 2009.0 and post the link on ? :)

  Vincent (2008-10-15 20:17)

Heh, the Dutch word for cunt, "kut", which actually is a noun, is very often used as an adjective these days :P.

  Mr French (2008-10-16 01:47)

Well boby as a translation in french: corps. However the translation of uniboby would be "une pièce" in this situation, but there is many other posibility of traduction depending on the situation it is ude.