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  GNOMEMandriva Not in Gran Canaria

I could not attend to GUADEC this year, but I could see Mono live! (The band, at Furia Sound Festival, and also Gabriella Cilmi, Still Flyin, Pascale Picard Band, Secret Chiefs 3, Arthur H, The Go! Team, Les Ogres de Barback, Didier Super, Tunng, La Rue Ketanou, Herman Dune, Thomas Fersen, Emiliana Torrini, Gossip and a bit of Mogwai).

LapinThe Go! TeamGabriella CilmiThomas FersenTunng

On other news, Mandriva moved to new offices and the infrastructure is not yet totally back so working is a bit hard. Last few days were mostly about moving boxes into the right rooms and trying to get things in shape, but at least we only had one and a half day without internet.

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  John [Bye-bye, neighbors! Still, from the look of the arch, you're not going too far. And the wood floors are a nice upgrade..]

  proyvind [Why are you moving to a new office? Cost savings?]

  Pascal [alex: I heard isis but not kylesa (they were playing very early, at 2:30 pm :) ). Yes I work at Mandriva. We are 6 oft..]


  Basic geocoding in Ruby

For my personal need in a simple script I had written a small ruby class using Google's HTTP geocoding service.

It is ugly (writes cache in current folder) but works fine, so I decided today to release it. Here it is.

Ne suis-je pas vivant ?

Update: As Pierre-Luc pointed out, I forgot to mention that this can only be used to populate a google map, as per the Google terms of service.

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  Pascal [Yes I'm using it to populate a google map, but I forgot to say it when posting. Geoclue is not available on the webser..]

  Guyou [Did you give an eye to OpenStreetMap? It proposes geocoding in two flavour: - OpenStreetMap name finder: http://gazett..]

  Pascal [Well OpenStreetMap name finder does not seem to work (it does not know about my street while I had added all the area ..]


  Hardware ECC Recovered on Samsung

I changed my hard drives 2 weeks ago, and two of the four 1TB drives are SAMSUNG HD103UJ, and both report very high number (and growing) on SMART attribute 195, Hardware ECC Recovered. Currently one is 40214632 for 222 hours up, and the other 23702532 for 217 hours.

Both this list and this one say this is the count of errors that were corrected by the internal mechanism.

More searches on Google gave me people with exact same disk and same question, and few people with other Samsung, but never any explanation

I looked at my other hard drives (non Samsung), and they actually don't report this attribute, so I started thinking that maybe the number of errors fixed by the hardware is always high but usually hidden.

Then, I found some emails of people who have 15 or 50 errors, so no, it is not normal to have dozens errors fixed each second.

Does anyone have an idea of what this value means on Samsung hard drives?

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  Jason D. Clinton [It's the SATA cable. Get one with some good shielding and it should stop increasing.]

  Marius Gedminas [man smartcl explains the meaning of value/worst/thresh, in the description of --attributes. Short summary: since VALU..]

  Anders [Status for my 4 HD103UJ's (~8.500 hours): 195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered: 67101009 195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered: 145251931 1..]


  GNOME Gtk+!

I submitted yesterday my first two patches on Gtk+ and one was accepted for commit today!

Unfortunately for you I doubt many people will need this. The other one is more useful but not yet reviewed.

I was quite scared of touching to this code (so many apps use a Gtk file chooser) but I think both are really safe as they won't change any behaviour as long as you don't use the added property/mode.

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  Colin Guthrie [Wait, you were scared of touching GTK+, but yet you're working in the Kernel team... :p]

  Pascal Terjan [Well in kernel I mostly touch drivers, this is like apps, I don't really know the core subsystems :)]

  Jaroslav Smid [I'd submit patch to remove "Add" and "Remove" buttons from that dialog. I always patch GTK for myself, but I don't thi..]