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  GNOME Commenting on

I wanted to comment on blog post this morning. It is hosted on, which requires me to login or create an account. I tried to create an account but it refused because my email is invalid. Google helped me to find that to request a blog we need a, or email alias so I guess this is the same.

What is the point of having a blog where only a few people can comment on ?

Regarding the blog post itself, I wonder how it was installed. It looks like this is the proprietary version as it as usb support. Virtualbox now works fine without usbfs support so I guess some service is wrongly mounting it. And at the wrong place.

Update: as Pavel wrote in a comment, this would be a choice of the author of this specific blog, not the platform. I still think this choice is very wrong.

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  Eugeni (2009-10-15 15:19)

Maybe they should just change the filter to prevent anyone from .*kde.* to comment :).

  Pavel (2009-10-15 15:30)

its not a problem of, but of the particular blog(or even the particular post).<br>Wordpress allow restricting the comments on per-post basis. You can disable commenting/ require registration/ allow commenting without restrictions.

  jonathanrumsfffs (2009-11-26 02:31)

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