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pterjan's diary


  Mandriva Mandriva 2010 is out, and me too

So, Mandriva Linux 2010 is now out, and they finished it without me as I broke my two arms two weeks ago. It was a stupid fall, no need to give details :)

It was not too serious (in each arm, the head of a bone is broken, and the bone did not move), so I can now use again my arms for most things including the laptop. I can not unfold it totally yet, or distort it too much but I can now survive alone :)

Thanks to everyone who helped me!

So, Mandriva 2010 is out and was finished without me, but I managed to improve a bit the partionning screen the day before this accident, so it looks better than in my previous post:

Mandriva partitioning

Further improvments will have to wait for 2010 Spring...

So far Mandriva 2010 seems to have quite positive reviews :)

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  elbeto (2009-11-04 19:31)

For some reason your link send me to Mandriva 2009, I still couldn't find the link to 2010.<br><br>Sorry about your arms.<br><br>elbeto

  Thibauld (2009-11-04 22:06)

Les deux bras ?? Ouch.. J'espère que tu te remettras vite!

  Adam Williamson (2009-11-05 07:59)

This is a Mandriva release rush. A little thing like breaking both your arms doesn't get you out of it. YOU CAN TYPE WITH YOUR NOSE. The only excuse good enough to get out of a Mandriva release rush is death. =)<br><br>seriously, sorry to hear that! hope you're getting well quickly.

  Desmond Armstrong (2009-11-05 17:51)

I have been using Mandriva/Mandrake for quite some years and although I do try the other varieties I find that Mandriva is always ahead of the bunch.<br>Already I find that 2010 has answered several problems that I experienced with 2009.1 PWP.<br>This evening I will attempt to download the iso, kget has been active all day and still no progress, but I shall seed it once I have the iso.<br>Please do look after your arms and do recover fully - we need you.<br>Kind Regards.

  kurmucis (2009-11-05 18:12)

Sorry about Your fall - wish to recover to 100% soon.<br>Thanks for partitioning dialog - it's way better !

  Olivier Faurax (2009-11-06 10:20)

2 bras cassés ? C'est l'occasion de tester les fonctionnalités d'accessibilité :)<br>Je ne plaisante qu'à moitié... Est-ce qu'il est possible d'utiliser l'installeur Mandriva avec un seul doigt, par exemple ?<br><br>En tout cas, merci pour ce bon boulot.<br>Par contre, pour les couleurs utilisées pour les partitions, ça serait top d'utiliser les couleurs recommandées par freedesktop (tango), plutôt que les couleurs de geek #f00, #0f0 et #00f :)<br><br>Prompt rétablissement.

  Pharmc787 (2009-11-07 06:39)

Very nice site!

  lamikr (2009-11-07 08:05)

I must say that 2010.0 seems to be a very good release. So far I have updated my Dell E6500 and AMD A780G systems to it from 2009.1 and have not found any upgrade problems. Boot-time is really awesome compared to releases one year back and things just seems to work :-)

  Art (2009-11-13 22:45)

Deux bras d'un coup ? Mon pauvre !<br><br>Bon et rapide rétablissement !