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  Navigo pass under Linux (and cheap Smartcard reader!)

RATP (Paris transport authority) is starting a new service to buy weekly or monthly "tickets" over the Internet.

Until Sunday they sell the reader for 8 euros. It is a Gemalto GemPC Twin which works perfectly under Linux and is listed at 42 euros.

PC/SC device scanner
V 1.4.15 (c) 2001-2009, Ludovic Rousseau 
Compiled with PC/SC lite version: 1.5.5
Scanning present readers...
0: Gemplus GemPC Twin 00 00

Mon Nov 30 14:01:23 2009 Reader 0: Gemplus GemPC Twin 00 00 Card state: Card inserted, ATR: 3B 6F 00 00 80 5A 08 03 03 00 00 00 <MY CARD NUMBER> 82 90 00
ATR: 3B 6F 00 00 80 5A 08 03 03 00 00 00 <MY CARD NUMBER> 82 90 00 + TS = 3B --> Direct Convention + T0 = 6F, Y(1): 0110, K: 15 (historical bytes) TB(1) = 00 --> VPP is not electrically connected TC(1) = 00 --> Extra guard time: 0 + Historical bytes: 80 5A 08 03 03 00 00 00 <MY CARD NUMBER> 82 90 00 Category indicator byte: 80 (compact TLV data object) Tag: 5, len: A (card issuer's data) Card issuer data: 08 03 03 00 00 00 <MY CARD NUMBER> Tag: 8, len: 2 (status indicator) SW: 9000
Possibly identified card (using /usr/share/pcsc/smartcard_list.txt): 3B 6F 00 00 80 5A 08 03 03 00 00 00 <MY CARD NUMBER> 82 90 00 3B 6F 00 00 80 5A .. 0[1-5] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 82 90 00 Card supporting a Calypso application Rev 1 Typically: French "Navigo" transport card

I installed various packages (pcsc-lite, ccid, opensc, mozilla-plugin-opensc) and after changing my User Agent (for the OS, Firefox/Windows would be OK) their check sees the reader fine:

Navigo under Linux

I also tried to see what info it contains, the obvious one is the card number, I did not yet try to understand the others. I also used it on my Visa card and saw some info like my name, the expiration date, the remaining pin errors allowed,...

If you live in Paris and want to play with it, I suggest that you rush to buy one :)

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  Prae (2009-11-30 16:30)

hmmmm .... hacking dream ...

  FACORAT Fabrice (2009-11-30 17:47)

If this work under Linux, then send them a mail stating that this is working under Linux ( and Max OS X ).<br>Mandriva may even give help to RATP to certify the device under Linux ( Mandriva )

  Pascal (2009-11-30 18:00)

Yes I was planning to but I could not do the full test yet, I need someone who will buy it for new month

  John (2009-12-01 15:34)

Very cool! How did you find out about this? I didn't see anything in the Metro, and nothing by post (but then I'm subscribed annually).<br><br>Hopefully they'll still have some available on Friday when I get back...

  Pascal (2009-12-01 15:36)

They give an announcement sometimes at St-Lazare. Don't worry it does not seem to interest that much people, mine was number 1394 on Sunday afternoon, and they were selling 1476 yesterday evening.

  Erwan (2009-12-02 10:49)

Not working for me... pcsc_scan gives me the same output as you're showing, but even when I spoof my user-agent I get a message saying "Nous sommes désolés, vous n'avez pas accès à ce service."<br><br>Did they change the way they detect OS? Still working for you?

  Pascal (2009-12-02 11:10)

When do you get this message? It still works fine here

  Erwan (2009-12-02 11:16)

My bad, I was not on the right URL (was on so now it works. Now I just have to make it accept my Java plugin, it recognizes it but says it's an unknown version...

  John (2009-12-04 21:48)

Well, either you made this very popular or the RATP has a natural success on its hands...<br><br>Got back late last night, so I went to St Lazare today. The main office (just outside) didn't know what I was talking about, sent me inside upstairs (by the trains). To a guichet that hasn't existed for months (!), so I checked at another, no dice. Back to the one outside, they then sent me to the window one floor below, inside. Once there, they guy said they didn't have them - and quickly corrected himself with, "well, I guess we're out of stock". He suggested that I go to RER Auber, but buy that point I'd already spent 45 minutes chasing around and on line in various places so I gave up. Oh, well - I'll just wait for the official release later. I'm a yearly subscriber anyway, this was jsut to have a toy. :-)<br><br>*But* I just got a Dell Precision M4400. Running final delivery checks on it before installing Mandriva. From a symbol in the palm rest, it appears that there's a *contactless* smart card reader built-in. Can't remember that being an option in the configuration, so it might have come standard (like the camera used to be an option but now isn't).<br><br>Would pcsc-tools detect that scanner as well? If so, that would be really cool. If not, any suggestions? (I'll try anyway, but I wanted to ask in case I got a false negative - i.e. the reader is indeed installed but pcsc-tools isn't designed to detect it.)

  Mehdi DOGGUY (2009-12-10 21:23)

I hate you :) I cannot find one. They are all sold and the delay is finished :'(<br><br>Happy hacking anyway :)