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pterjan's diary


  Mandriva Update on Mandriva automated rebuilds

The current score is: 174 failures out of 2921 packages, worse than last week. 2 failures to regenerate src.rpm, 74 failures to install build dependencies and 98 failures during build. Over the 74 build dependencies issues, 45 were because usbutils was not available after being updated on Friday and have already been magically fixed.

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  Mandriva USB/IP

My laptop lost USB few weeks ago (it suddenly rebooted, and USB devices are not seen since, including in BIOS).

Last week I was thinking "It would be nice to make USB device plugged on another machine available on my laptop", and then started to search on Google if someone had done it before. I first found some proprietary software (working on Linux too), but after more searching I found USB/IP project, and has been included in staging for one year, and is already available in Mandriva kernel! So I packaged the tools and tried it with my smartcard reader, it works great! :)

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  Palin (2010-01-11 16:53)

Hi Pascal, is there a package somewhere in cooker too? I'd like to rebuild it for 2010. My USB died too long ago on the notebok...

  Pascal (2010-01-11 17:02)

Yes the packages (usbip-server, usbip-client) are in cooker and I can upload it to backports, I just checked and the modules (vhci-hcd and usbip) were already available in 2010.0

  Palin (2010-01-11 21:42)

Thank you, right now I've network problems, as soon as it's resolved I'll try to install those packages.

  Karl (2010-01-12 00:20)

Very interesting. I wonder if this would work ok to share USB devices with virtual machines too?

  Palin (2010-01-12 09:17)

Karl: I don't see why it would not work out of the box with vm's ...

  Pascal (2010-01-12 10:40)

Yes it should work fine (and I have uploaded it to 2010.0 backports yesterday).

  Palin (2010-01-12 10:56)

Pascal: I've installed the packages, now I'm upgrading a test system to 2010 just to test the stuff... thank you very much.

  Michael Meek (2010-01-12 13:30)

Try flashing your BIOS; I've lost USB before and re-flashed the BIOS and got it back ;-)

  Palin (2010-01-12 14:36)

Thanks Michael i'll try since I discovered a while ago that pure usb 1.1 devices works (like mice)... problem is how can I flash without usb (no floppy).<br><br>On the other hand usbip hust made my kernel oops... :)

  FACORAT Fabrice (2010-01-12 15:16)

Could you post an HOWTO on your blog explain the procedure to activate and use a device with USB/IP under Mandriva ? :)

  Palin (2010-01-12 16:18)

Fabrice: I was doing it but usbip failed me :) <br>I'll retry when I have a bit more time and if I succeed I'll go for an HOWTO. The Readme file is quite explanatory thought.

  Palin (2010-01-15 09:23)

After a notebook failure, I'm continuing my usbip tests...

  Palin (2010-01-15 15:07)

Ok, I think everything goes wrong when I do usb --list, because I read:<br><br>usbip err: vhci_attach.c: 586 (main ) open usb.ids<br><br>I have 2 files,<br>/usr/share/usb.ids<br>/usr/share/lshw/usb.ids.<br><br>Now I'll strace and see if I can symlink the file...

  Palin (2010-01-15 15:14)

symlinked to /usr/share/hwlist/usb.ids

  moobyfr (2010-01-15 16:43)

Nice tool, this could be interesting in thin clients. clients exporting theirs usb devices on server directly, and no protocol dependant (RDP, X11, NX, VNC ...)

  Palin (2010-01-19 09:10)

No way, I continue to get kernel oopses.<br>I'm assuming it's something with my hardware, maybe it does not support sharing usb devices with a 1.1 host with a 2.0 guest.

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