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  Crazy Italian law

Several articles on the web mention a new Italian law giving to people uploading videos on the Web the status of TV broadcaster, needing a license!

To quote one of them, Article 4 of the decree specifies that the dissemination over the Internet "of moving pictures, whether or not accompanied by sound," requires ministerial authorization., so it seems to include animated gif or Flash animations...

I can understand that Berlusconi fears the competition of Web for its TV channels but how such a stupid law can be written?

The positive side of this law is that Italian websites may become nicer to visit, without Flash ads or menus :)

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  Not a law (2010-01-19 15:13)

it is merely a proposal, and I doubt it'll go very far....

  Pascal (2010-01-19 15:19)

Well then all articles are wrong as they state things like "A new law passed by Berlusconi's government on December 17 and set to go into effect on January 27"

  Flo (2010-01-19 15:33)

At least there is one stupid Italian law which wouldn't get through the Austrian Council.<br><br>We normally compare the brain-damaged Italian government with the Austrian one.

  Palin (2010-01-19 15:50)

Yes, it passed using a strange mechanism in which if you vote against, the government is overthrown (it's called "fiducia" which means "trust"). <br>Please France send Napoleon again and conquer us... :(

  Pascal (2010-01-19 15:53)

Well France is not going in the right direction currently, I think Italian government is one of the models for ours

  Andrea (2010-01-19 16:48)

you can understand the real meaning of that law by watching this movie:<br><br>we need help in italy :(

  davide (2010-01-19 17:20)

i agree with andrea, we need a lot of help in italy!!!<br>which is the stupidest thing: the law OR a country (italy) with a prime minister owning 90% of media? our president is 84 yo, our prime minister is 74 yo, deputees mean age is maybe 60/65... do you think they can imagine a better law?

  Andrea (2010-01-19 21:30)

the worst thing is that they created such a law intentionally...they are so afraid of the web...because it's the only thing they cannot manipulate (yet)!!

  i heart fascism (2010-01-20 00:20)

the story is the same in every country. authoritarian government is growing.<br><br>they cannot control us, but with FEAR. do not be afraid, do not obey, and help others see what is happening!

  gabriele vidali (2010-01-20 09:38)

is iptv working good in france ?

  Palin (2010-01-20 09:42)

Pascal: my girlfriend went to high school in Paris and you have no idea on how deep is bureaucracy here in Italy, how deep is rooted ciminality (did we mention our PM?). France nowadays seems to me like the last century America...

  Nick L (2010-01-21 20:33)

Sweden is the record. The law is either you agree they force you and your company just the way power abusers and fascists control all by wishes, wants and needs, or you disagree since you know and can teach better, and it's illegal to claim a reasonable doubt. Robot laws imposed on mankind.

  Loriarorifs (2010-04-10 16:10)

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