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  N900's main feature: Linux!

I don't own one and won't comment on its actual features that I don't know. This post is about an ad from Vodaphone UK I saw today on the web. The first feature listed? It runs Linux!

Vodafone N900 Features

Is Linux now supposed to be known by the public, with a positive image?

Surprisingly, the Vodaphone page for N900 does not mention Linux anywhere. However, it refers to Firefox : The N900 comes with a brilliant browser - based on the same technology as Firefox. Just like Firefox, it lets you open lots of web pages at once.

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  hypocrite (2010-01-25 15:41)

Advertisment probably never was about what is known to the public, but what should be known to the public. It's like newspapers who know very well what people think while reading even if the text is very sober. Vodafone marketing (based on nokia marketing) just tries to establish a "linux is cool" train of thought, I think.

  Casper Bang (2010-01-25 15:46)

Well given its track record and how you find Linux embedded everywhere that makes good sense. If nothing more, it means you don't pay some monopoly licence fees (more bang for your buck).

  pollycoke :) (2010-01-25 16:25)

Welcome into the world of targeted ads

  Misc (2010-01-25 16:27)

Excuse me, but what is this linux thing you are speaking of, is it a version of ubuntu, like kde ?<br><br>( for those that wonder, this is just a joke, I know what linux and kde are )

  FACORAT Fabrice (2010-01-25 16:28)

As I already said : Linux brand does not exists. We shoudl really find a way to force enterprise using Linux based products to mention it ( like the BSD-style licence ).<br><br>

  Canol (2010-01-25 18:01)

Good catch. This feature might be listed (and listed as first, wow!) for several reasons and every one I can think of is positive.<br><br>Maybe they realized that Windows based mobile operating systems are problematic, not satisfying and have a bad reputation among users, and trying to say that they are different. Maybe they are using Linux name (a thing that most average users aren't familiar with) just to create a new cool trend. Maybe the developers of the device are just really satisfied with the results and wanted to embrace Linux.<br><br>In every case it is good for Linux!

  Mathias (2010-01-25 20:34)

I wonder if that ad would have mentioned Linux if you were browsing that page with a Windows or Apple computer.

  Yannovitch (2010-01-26 00:21)

Linux, and the open source world, is getting cooler and better know, and that's cool :).<br>But the problem in the open source world stay that it does not focus around the name or the hype, but around the functionnality,...<br>Even Google Android only begin in France to be known as an OS, but for the last year, advertisement about the smartphones which embed Android were more focused about the phone that the system embedded and the thousands of applications which are created for. It's only know we begin to see a changement in the advertisement politic of the manufacturer of Android smartphones. Apple and his iPhone have understand for a while the hype plus value, even if it means more stupid people buying iPhone just for the hype. Because it's where you have users that you have developers.<br>If Linux name was more broadcast, you would have more users finding cool to have a Linux device like the Maemo N900, and you would have more applications developped for ;).

  Micha&#322; Wernicki (2010-01-26 08:51)

AFAIK you get the phone with Maemo - a Debian based distribution.<br>But if it can run linux, chances are that you may install Mandriva ;)

  Yannovitch (2010-01-26 17:15)

In fact, if you're enough motivated, you can install any distribution with ARMEL package. But with Maemo, you can easily install any .deb on your N900.

  Dan Carpenter (2010-01-27 12:50)

In Uganda I saw an internet cafe with TUX on the sign. They didn't use Linux or know what it was, only that penguins mean internet.

  Or... (2010-01-27 15:08)

The other explanation is that the N900 has so few interesting features that this is the first one they could think of.

  Micha&#322; Wernicki (2010-02-25 19:28)<br>woot!!<br>(no, it's not an offtopic - it's Mandriva's answer)