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  Book Pricing

I was shocked by the prices announced for electronic books on iPad (USD 12.99 or 14.99). This is more expensive than most books I own...

Today, Amazon annouces that they have to follow and increase prices (which used to be 9.99) on Macmillan books. Given that other major publishers have agreed with Apple on that price they may requets the same from Amazon soon...

I sometimes buy technical books worth $30 or $50 but 90% of my books are between $2 and $10.

Am I stupid and are you ready to pay more for a virtual book than for a physical one that you can easily give (or sell) to someone later?

Sous La Tour Eiffel

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  neercs availability

Following Libcaca 0.99beta17 release (including plenty of new stuff like dirty rectangle framework, troff output, php and java bindings, triangle texture mapping), I uploaded today the first package of neercs into Mandriva Cooker.

Using the power of my new laptop I also captured a video demonstrating process grabbing (ogv, Youtube), and one showing the cube effect (ogv, Youtube).

Process grabbing still only works under Linux x86/x86_64 so help to port it to *BSD, OSX, Windows, Hurd and other Linux architectures is welcome.

neercs is still experimental so actually all tests and bug reports are welcome (patches too of course)

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  Pascal [I prefer that you see the video in original size, and the link is needed anyway for people with older browser and rss ..]

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  Accessing French taxes account

Today I tried accessing my account which had worked fine for years, and at the point where it requests the certificate, Firefox was failing with "The page you are trying to view can not be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified." and Chrome with "Erreur 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR) : Unknown Error".

The workaround that allowed me to access it was export NSS_SSL_ENABLE_RENEGOTIATION=1 (found in a Debian bug report).

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