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  Book Pricing

I was shocked by the prices announced for electronic books on iPad (USD 12.99 or 14.99). This is more expensive than most books I own...

Today, Amazon annouces that they have to follow and increase prices (which used to be 9.99) on Macmillan books. Given that other major publishers have agreed with Apple on that price they may requets the same from Amazon soon...

I sometimes buy technical books worth $30 or $50 but 90% of my books are between $2 and $10.

Am I stupid and are you ready to pay more for a virtual book than for a physical one that you can easily give (or sell) to someone later?

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  Marius Gedminas (2010-02-01 16:41)

AFAIU Macmillan intend to decrease the e-book price as time passes, starting with $15 e-books released at the same time as the hardcover down to $6 when the paperback is out.<br><br>Source:

  Robert McCrory (2010-02-01 17:11)

I used to work as the web developer for our local newspaper - they charged $2.00 more a month to opt for the PDF version of the paper instead of the delivered version, and then were surprised when nobody signed up for it.

  Stormy (2010-02-01 19:35)

I think they plan to lower the price as time goes on. But I think they are shooting themselves in the foot.<br><br>I'd never buy a hardcover book ($20+) but several times I bought the $9.99 ebook version of a book the day it came out. If it's more than that, I'm going to wait just like I used to wait for the paperback copy.

  Giacomo (2010-02-01 19:46)

Same here. I usually wait for the paperback, unless I can find a decent enough discount (read a hardcover for 10€ or so). If an ebook is going to cost $15 I'll just wait...

  Rodney Dawes (2010-02-01 19:54)

Enough people are dumb enough to pay that much for digital download things. It's like the Movies on Zune or whatever that are $15 for 480p and $20 for HD (which I think is actually 720p and not 1080p). And it's pretty much just a rental. Yay lockdown.

  Mathias (2010-02-02 12:09)

I see the same for CDs.. download is more expensive then a physical CD delivered at my door!!<br><br><br><br>

  Pascal (2010-02-02 12:16)

Yes I had seen the same on French store website few years ago, 9.99 for the download, 5 to receive the CD...

  aapgorilla (2010-02-04 02:21)

When you see crazy things like this you can be sure the government is interfering somewhere in the market.

  Matthew Berg (2010-02-04 18:02)

This isn't about what you pay for most books, or whether it creates a few additional release day sales. It's about maximizing profits on high demand books and not cannibalizing hardback sales. They're looking to reduce the discount for electronic versions; not eliminate it.<br><br>It doesn't help MacMillian is one extra person buys at $9.99 if it means that six other people are buying at $9.99 instead of $19.99.

  aapgorilla (2010-02-04 21:03)

@Matthew Berg (2010-02-04 18:02),<br><br>That doesn't sound logical at all, which entrepreneur would prefer to take a risk with keeping a physical inventory when he could sell the same product digital (and most likely at a higher margin (no printer, no transport, no warehouse, no delivery etc needed)<br><br>Like I already said where ever the market seems to behave strangely or seems to fail you need to look for government intervention and I'll be willing to bet you a few euros (or dollars) that printed books are heavily subsidized and/or price controlled but that these laws do not apply to digital media (yet...)