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  Mandriva About Mandriva Linux future distribution

Today a PR was issued which states At the heart of this strategy, Mandriva Linux will be distributed exclusively by a sales and integrated IT network, as well through OEM partnerships (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the EMEA (European and Middle East) and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) zones..

Don't worry, this exclusivity of distribution does not apply to the downloadable editions, only to retail. The new 2010.1 is already available to early seeders and will be available to everyone tomorrow as usual.

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  Pascal [No I have no problems with your words, only with the PR...]

  Basilio Rosa [I want Mandriva 2010.1 Power Pack. How I get it?]

  GregM [You can purchase the Power Pack through the store, and download other versions at this official Mandriva link: http://..]


  Mandriva Mandriva 2010 Spring is finally out

Yes, it finally happened!

For this release, codenames of pre versions were aviation pioneers. Final one is Henry Farman and by reading his wikipedia page, I found an interesting detail: In 1908 he was the first to fly a complete circuit of 1 kilometre, in a plane powered by Gnome engine!

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  Ernest N. Wilcox Jr. [I found the Henry Farman Wikipedia page very interesting reading. I also find the use of his name to be very appropria..]

  mbt shoes cheap [Nice article. Thank you for this info]

  mbt fuaba [I've already bookmark this article and will definitely refer this article to all my close friends and colleagues. Than..]


  Broadband in UK

The relocation company will help me for finding a place to live, bank account, etc. However I need help for some more technical questions, like which broadband provider (and mobile but this can wait) should I subscribe.

Orange is out of question because of their fair use policy stating that if I use too much my connection (for example by listening to Orange's own Liveradio or downloading large files) they may either reduce the speed or suspend your service and/or possibly close your account.

What a lovely definition of unlimited, and they don't even tell anything about a warning before closing the account...

Currently the shortlist is TalkTalk and O2 (even if it seems some O2 modems need to be rebooted very often to get WiFi back since they updated their firmware to fix a big security issue), but I did not yet check all offers (like Virgin or Sky in case I am eligible).

And what about smaller ones like Andrews & Arnold Ltd which offers static IP, IPv6, ... but has traffic limit and would imply I don't do big checkouts or download iso at daytime (which should be fine except during vacations).

Any opinion on this ?

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  Jaime [o2 / bethere (same company) are excellent. They give a discount if you get mobile and adsl together (see remco's comme..]

  TGM [I'm on Be Broadband ( and I'd recommend them. From what I gather O2 and Be share the same Infrastruc..]

  Peter [I would recommend BeThere (used them for 3 years) as they offer good servicem speed, option of a static IP etc. A&A ar..]


  GNOME Small post from GUADEC

GUADEC 2010 in Den Haag is going very well so far even if so many people are missing this year. I hope you did not miss the best talk so far! If you don't want to miss other talks, live streams are available on GUADEC website.

The major GNOME announce yesterday was GNOME 3.0 being postpone to the next release, in March 2011.

People seem mostly happy with it and as you can see on the following photo, they still love release team!

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