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  Mandriva About Mandriva Linux future distribution

Today a PR was issued which states At the heart of this strategy, Mandriva Linux will be distributed exclusively by a sales and integrated IT network, as well through OEM partnerships (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the EMEA (European and Middle East) and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) zones..

Don't worry, this exclusivity of distribution does not apply to the downloadable editions, only to retail. The new 2010.1 is already available to early seeders and will be available to everyone tomorrow as usual.

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  yoho (2010-07-08 00:29)

pfiou... that was scary, thanks for the clarification :)

  kurmucis (2010-07-08 07:08)

Thanks for comment - You REALLY care!<br>And all the good luck in new job.

  wobo (2010-07-08 11:24)

> this exclusivity of distribution does not apply to the downloadable editions, only to retail<br><br>You sure? The text says in clear words that the distribution will be distributed exclusively(!) by ..... - it says nothing about any exceptions.<br>That this current version will be distributed as usual is no indication about what will be with 2011.0.

  Pascal (2010-07-08 11:36)

Yes I am sure. The person who wrote that probably does not care about free version and forgot about it. We got internal confirmation that "obviously the free <br>versions will continue to exist"...<br>I should stop commenting on that, it will upset me again...

  wobo (2010-07-08 12:21)

Thx Pascal, hopefully you are not upset by my words. What upsets me is, this communiqué was not published officially by Mandriva! Strictly speaking I can't forward it to any news site (in German) without confirmation of Mandriva.

  Pascal (2010-07-08 13:22)

No I have no problems with your words, only with the PR...

  Basilio Rosa (2010-07-08 18:17)

I want Mandriva 2010.1 Power Pack. How I get it?

  GregM (2010-07-08 21:25)

You can purchase the Power Pack through the store, and download other versions at this official Mandriva link:<br><br><br>Best to you, Pascal, at your new job. Thanks for all the work you (and Yoho and Wobo, and others) have done for us (the community) in the past.<br><br>G