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  Supermarkets in London

As I now know my future address in London, I was looking for supermarkets around and found no easy way to find all the available ones. After looking on each supermarket website I decided to gather the information.

So, I collected positions of ASDA, Tesco, Morrison, Sainsbury's, Poundland and Waitrose (with opening times for some) and pushed them into a Google map.

I actually have info for all UK but if Google map paginates it becomes unusable as you need to go through all pages to know the supermarkets in your area. If someones knows a way to restrict the list to current view on "static" maps, I am interested.

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  Bob Bobson (2010-08-10 23:46)

Don't bother with anything except Waitrose.

  Pascal (2010-08-10 23:51)

Well Waitrose has some good stuff (especially bread) but everything is more expensive than other shops

  Chmouel (2010-08-11 00:46)

you can mix and match between waitrose/m&s and the others... I take most of my vegetables/meet in the uppper ones and the other basic elements in tesco..

  aapgorilla (2010-08-13 15:30)

There are some websites in Holland which also show the opening hours of the shops, very handy maybe should could make one to and make a little money on the side ;)<br>(this is the better one)<br><br>(okay not as handy as the former, map too small)<br>

  Alex (2010-08-13 22:18)

I don't live in the UK, but I'm fairly sure OpenStreetMap has all this data already. Try using the map as rendered by CloudMade ( You can then select different styles. I'd suggest starting with CityLiving, and then editing it to remove all non-supermarkets.

  Pascal (2010-08-13 22:22)

Just around my future flat I would say it is missing two thirds of them...<br>I may try to import some of the data there

  benji (2010-08-14 00:03)