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  The worst of twitter

I had a look this morning at a trend on twitter, #femalesneedto and couldn't find a word to describe how I felt...

Some sample posts over a few minutes:

  • #femalesneedto start giving more fellacios and demanding less cunnilinguses
  • #femalesneedto put makeup on everyday just like the kardashians. It's a good look!!! Those girls always be hawt!!
  • #FemalesNeedTo Realize That All Niggas Not The Same and Stop Fuckin With These Lame Niggas.
  • #femalesneedto to stop kissing other females.
  • #femalesneedto give it up more. Come on, is the occasional blow job so much to ask??? Take one for the team every now and again.
  • #femalesneedto think about how to make their man happy
  • #FemalesNeedTo shut the fck up && listen sumtime. believe it or not, u dont always have the most relevant shit to say
  • #FemalesNeedTo need to realize they're not the only one. Theres more out there. #PlentyOfFishInTheSea
  • #femalesneedto learn how to shut the fuck up
  • #femalesneedto stop saying "I can't, I'm a virgin, its gonna be painful"

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  Pēteris Krišjānis (2010-12-15 12:48)

Well, it's Internet, there are jerks everywhere. It makes me angry to read this, but what can I do - better do something useful for my beautiful girlfriend than respond to trolls/idiots.

  Adam Williamson (2010-12-15 13:40)

yes, some people are assholes (or really bad comedians). in other news, the Pope has been caught expressing Catholic tendencies, and evidence was found strongly suggesting that a bear has, in fact, shat in or near the woods on at least one occasion.

  Pascal (2010-12-15 13:44)

Yes this is not big news, I was (badly) impressed by the proportion of such tweets (80 or 90%...)

  Dennis (2010-12-15 14:14)

Am I really the only one who is laughing his ass of? Why so serious.

  Palin (2010-12-15 14:55)

Yes, assholes are everywhere. Yes, people laugh loud about things you should at least think about twice before laughing about them. And on the internet, the bad ones have a louder voice.<br><br>And yes, more or less, they are trolls... ;)

  P (2010-12-15 15:39)

thats funny you prude bore..

  Benjamin Otte (2010-12-15 15:54)

Interesting demographic that is using that topic. Makes you think twitter is mainly used by Black females.

  OhMy (2010-12-15 19:47)

And your blog is syndicated on Nice one, did not spare us the drama.<br><br>It has become even a meme, hater gonna hate,<br>

  ethana2 (2010-12-15 21:27)

Just because the westboro baptist church exists doesn't mean you need to get yourself worked up over the idiocy they're spewing. Same applies here.<br><br>Don't feed the trolls.

  Stormy (2010-12-20 20:14)

I think you are sampling a small portion of the population. I'm not sure what demographic refers to women as females but it appears to be some subset of American black men. (You could also compare this to #malesneedto to see if it is anti-women or anti-everything or angry at the world, ...)

  Pascal (2010-12-20 20:35)

Of course, but the point is that it was a trending topic on twitter, so it represents a noticeable part of twitter population (unlike #malesneedto).

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