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2004-07-02 Let's start the Week End !


I just discovered that ruby-rpm was not dead. When I first discovered the binding few months ago, it was for rpm 4.0.4 but I found a version for rpm 4.2 today !

I packaged it for Mandrakelinux and tryied playing with it :

$ irb
irb(main):001:0> require 'rpm'
=> true
irb(main):002:0> p ='/tmp/ruby-rpm-1.2.0-1mdk.i586.rpm')
=> ruby-rpm-1.2.0-1mdk
irb(main):003:0> p.changelog.length
=> 42
irb(main):004:0> p.changelog[0]['name']
=> "Pascal Terjan  1.2.0-1mdk"
irb(main):005:0> RPM.vercmp('1.0alpha2','1.0')
=> 1
irb(main):006:0> RPM.vercmp('1.0alpha2','1.0beta')
=> -1
irb(main):007:0> db =
=> #
irb(main):008:0> db.entries[42]
=> drakconf-10-13mdk
irb(main):009:0> db.find_all { |package| package.version.to_vre == '1.2.0-1mdk' }
=> [libgcrypt11-1.2.0-1mdk, ruby-rpm-1.2.0-1mdk]

  PLF Logo contest

As the contest will end up next tuesday and I will have no time until that, I tryied to finish my logo.

I don't like the gun I draw, so I went back to dams' version (I only sligthly modified it). So, I end up with most of my logo coming from his work :(

Anyway, this was a nice occasion to discover inkscape which is really nice !

2004-07-12 Samir does matter

  Back to Dijon after a week in Bordeaux for the LSM. Here is a short summary of the trip. My pictures are available in my gallery.


Travel by train from Dijon to Paris, then by car to Bordeaux. I shared Guillaume's car with Dams and Houpla while Nanar and Erwan travelled with Anne. We discovered some usefull stuff (maybe dangerous) during a break on the highway. After dropping everything in the rooms and buying some stuff to drink later, we went to the city to find a place to eat. After looking for a cool place for quite some time, we found a place which looked nice. Food was good but the guy looked drunk and started telling us some jokes (mostly about Samir). We ended drinking some beers on the grass behind the building.


We had to wake up early to set up the booths before 9, however conferences started only in the afternoon so we got really few visitors before lunch. We went to the supermaket and then had a picnic in the cafeteria (and we did the same the 3 following days). At the end of the afternoon, Mandrakesoft employees and foreign contributors arrived and we had dinner together. Like the days before, we ended on the grass.


This was the first day of the first Cooker Meeting. On the morning Michael gave us an overview of the current quality checking tools, then we discussed organization problems.

At the end of the afternoon, happened the aperitif of associations. Everyone had brought stuff to eat or drink from her place. Then, after parking the car we went to a nice restaurant in the center of Bordeaux.


In the cooker room, Frederic Lepied listed us what is planned for Mandrakelinux 10.1, Dams presented Libconf and Buchan presented DKMS and we discussed how we could use it.

At the end of the afternoon, we moved to a really nice exposition about "Le chat" from Gelluck. While going there we could notice that the replacement bus didn't work better than the tramway.

We then went back to Talence for the Repas du libre but there were already too much people so we sit in the grass.




On saturday morning we only went to the ENSEIRB to clean up the booth and say goodbye (at least for me, as everyone had already been there when I arrived). We went shooping and then went to the sea, at Arcachon.

There, we had picnic on the beach, drinking nice wine without a glass. We made pictures of Guillaume for next PLF calendar. Then during the nap, Dams and Erwan made a sand PLF logo. Some children who where impressed by the penguin, asked us to also photograpgy their sculpture.

Anne didn't want to swim, and she didn't like having her foot smashed, so I made a picture to store it in the list of place where not to go that we'll start with the restaurant of monday.

After a few hours, we decided to try finding a domain to visit (hopefully with some wine tasting). After some time visiting empty places with closed buildings we went to the supermarket, bought some good wine and drunk it in the park where the Diner du libre had occured. After saying hello to the ducks, we had dinner in an Indian restaurant and went to sleep immediatly, everybody being tired.




Now I'm really tired but have some packages late (Alexandria 0.3.1, XChat 2.0.10, XMule 1.8.3, ...) and still a lot of emails to read.

2004-07-15 ruby-perl

  Use Perl objects within Ruby !

I discovered ruby-perl yesterday and it works quite fine !
irb(main):001:0> require 'perl'
=> true
irb(main):002:0> perl_obj ="-MLibconf::Glueconf::Networking::Resolv", "-e", "0")
=> #<Perl:0x402b3754>
irb(main):003:0> resolv=perl_obj.eval("new Libconf::Glueconf::Networking::Resolv('/etc/resolv.conf');")
=> Libconf::Glueconf::Networking::Resolv=HASH(0x820d488)
irb(main):004:0> resolv.class
=> PerlObject
irb(main):005:0> resolv.writeConf('/tmp/resolv.conf')
I still have a few problems with it but I think writing Ruby bindings for Libconf will be really trivial. I also found a ruby-python but I currently don't need it.

2004-07-25 "Holidays" are coming

  Last week

My current job will finish on July 31, if someone has a nice computer science engineer job to offer do not hesitate. Requirements are :
  • Interesting job ;
  • UNIX environnement, ideally GNU/Linux ;
  • Cool people ;
  • Close to transports, I don't have driving licence.


Even if that's not real holidays as I'll be looking for a job, I think I won't have much interviews during August, so I may travel visiting some friends. However, nothing planned yet !

  Yet another Ruby RPM

I just packaged ruby-bdb (Berkeley DB binding) into Mandrakelinux. I needed it for rbot but I don't know if I'll package rbot (installing rbot is just uncompressing the tarball and editing the config file...)