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2004-09-04 I'm back !

  Hard time

Lost my main harddrive 10 days ago, and when dying my other harddrive which I used for backup got almost all my backup partitions becoming bad blocks...

The only partition left is the one I used for the Cooker mirror which is not the most critical data :(

So, I lost all my mails and the data in my home (last backup somewhere else than on the second hard drive is quite old...). I spent few days using MandrakeMove but now Nanar lent me a 40GB hard drive, so I can really use my computer again. I plan to buy a new one soon but I really don't have money currently :(

  Good news

All is not so bad, after the few days I spent in Paris this week, I may soon get a job !


My mail server being dead, I started really using GMail after 4 mails over 3 months. I moved some of my mailing list subscriptions there, and when I started really using it, I discovered that the interface is really nice ! There are however some bad points, like the cursor position that want you to reply before the citation but this is minor.

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2004-09-14 Back in Paris soon

  I got a job \o/

I just accepted a job 2 hours ago, I'll become a consultant for Mandrakesoft.

I'll start very soon (not yet decided), so I am now really looking for a flat :-)

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2004-09-19 Misc

  Partial move

I'll move to Paris tomorrow evening, not yet a real move as I have not yet found a flat to store all my stuff. I have to find one before October 15, but there is something more urgent now : Wednesday will be my first day at Mandrakesoft :-)


Just spent a few hours getting GTray to connect again to GMail. It now work fine but I think authentification part could be written more robust. I may look at it again later...