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2005-05-18 Filesystems


I had a look at OpenAFS yesterday, and improved a bit the Mandriva packaging by providing a dkms package for the kernel part (previously you had to build the kernel module by hand). Using it (for a basic filesharing client usage) is now even more simple :
# urpmi dkms-libafs openafs-client
# echo > /etc/openafs/ThisCell
# service openafs start
and that's all :
# ls /mnt/afs/
Next step will be to have a look into pam_afs...


I discovered yesterday gnomevfs-mount which is a nice tool (based on fuse) to mount gnomevfs URI :
$ gnomevfs-mount /tmp/mnt
$ ls /tmp/mnt/
conspiracy/  debian-iso@     HEADER.html  Public@     welcome2.msg
debian@      debian-non-US@  mirror/      robots.txt  welcome.msg
debian-cd@   favicon.ico     pub/         ubuntu@
$ gnomevfs-umount /tmp/mnt
$ gnomevfs-mount file:///home/pterjan/rpm/SOURCES/evince.tar.bz2\#bzip2:\#tar:evince/ /tmp/mnt
$ ls /tmp/mnt/
AUTHORS  data/  help/        NEWS     po/     thumbnailer/*  COPYING       djvu/  INSTALL      NOTES    ps/     TODO
backend/     cut-n-paste/  doc/   lib/         pdf/     README  viewer/
ChangeLog    CVS/          dvi/  pixbuf/  shell/
$ gnomevfs-umount /tmp/mnt

2005-05-19 Great news

  ipw2200 has monitor mode support

Lack of monitor mode on this chip was the reason I had to keep my prism PCMCIA card. I was quite excited when they announced few days ago that the 1.0.4 version (together with the new 2.3 firmware) had monitor support. I updated dkms packages and tested it. It works great !

  Booting QEMU using PXE

I discovered tonight that Etherboot now have PXE support. I even found a nice floppy image for netbooting using it. Here is the result

2005-05-22 QEMU Packaging

  kqemu and qvm86

Last week, I added qvm86 support to Mandriva Qemu package.

Today, I uploaded a DKMS package for kqemu to the non-free section of PLF. This module is proprietary software but it is far more stable and fast than qvm86, and Fabrice Bellard kindly authorized me to distribute the rpm. If you use Mandriva Cooker and have a PLF non-free media setup, urpmi dkms-kqemu and it should work out of the box (provided that you have the version of gcc matching your kernel :-) )

I hope Fabrice will get funded soon and free kqemu, I dont like people duplicating work (and qvm86 already has some better parts).

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