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  A look at KDE in upcoming Mandriva 2007.1 Spring

I did install a KDE system inside VirtualBox to be able to reproduce a bug about gnome-power-manager under KDE. VirtualBox is nice for that as the guest OS sees the battery of my laptop and gets the ACPI events when I unplug the AC.

I was surprised by the new nice looking splash (it is fullscreen but I reduced it to post here). I would have added some space between the KDE version and the icons, but that's a detail.

The new menu icon also make the left part of the panel look nice

But the right part is still bad with the ugly (not even anti-aliased) clock font:

However, Beranger has more valid concerns about the panel and some people report a very large icon when using big panel.

  Upcoming holidays in Austria

I'll have two weeks off in May, and as Sky Europe currently has a nice special offer, I'll go to Vienna (5€ per ticket + various taxes and fees = 83€ for the round trip from Paris).

Now I have to decide if I spend the two weeks there, or if I move around to see other nice places. I am very interested in any advice from people living around there or having already been there, regarding both places to visit and hosting.

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  esfa (2007-03-04 18:37)

You should contact Deno ;-)

  Misc (2007-03-04 22:30)

Vienna is a nice city, i really enjoyed the last PLF trip here.

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