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  New Year

As you may have noticed, 2007 is over and this is my first post for 2008. I wish you all a happy new year :)

2007 was a very good year for me on both personal and professional sides and I hope 2008 will be more quiet. I bought a new apartment in December and moved there just before Christmas, so I only got Internet access yesterday, and I'm now back !

New years' eve was nice, with too much good food as usual.


In the morning of new year's day, we found Idiocracy in the "personal videos" section of 's "TV perso" service.

It is a good movie about stupid people taking over the world as intelligent ones tend to have less children. Joe get 500 years in the future and sees the world as it may become. Everyone is stupid, the best TV show is "Ow, my balls!", the best movie of the year just shows an ass, guilty people have to fight giant trucks in an arena in a so called "Rehabilation session".

As some people slept and got up at various times, we had to watch it 3 times so that everyone get it full! We know it very well, but still ordered 3 DVD :)


I had the opportunity to play with the Asus EeePC. This is a very nice machine despite the small screen, and I plan to buy one when I will have enough money:) It will be available in France on the 23, but I expect it to be quickly sold out...


I will have 3 weeks off in February, this is the longest vacation I ever had since I started working 5 years ago. More important, it will be my first time out of Europe as I will go to Taïwan!

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  proyvind [Ohhh, Idiocracy is among my film favourites from the last couple of years as well. I especially find the gay bashing ..]