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pterjan's diary


  Funny download stats on

Here is the download count for Mandriva iso images on yesterday:

$ GET | grep iso/
/official/iso/2008.1                    6741   2656708887348     2.42      83.92
/official/iso/2008.0                     753    205020960820     0.27       6.48
/devel/iso/2008.1                         35     18410545367     0.01       0.58
/official/iso/2007.1                      22      3233336546     0.01       0.10
/official/iso/2007.0                      26      1270717545     0.01       0.04
/official/iso/move                         6       795533110     0.00       0.03
/devel/iso/contrib                         3          492062     0.00       0.00
/official/iso/2006.0                       4           36204     0.00       0.00
Can someone explain me why some people are still downloading iso from 2006.0, 2007.0, 2007.1, or move ?

  PLF stats

It looks like 2008.0 was much more successful than previous distros. Previously we had a lot of downloads when a new release was out, but on 2008.0 it increased during the life of this distro !

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  erwan (2008-04-10 13:39)

Pascal, I think most of them are partial downloads. If you compute the average bytes per file uploaded, we are clearly lower than an iso size.<br>The reason of this partial download is another story but it sounds that very few download a complete obsolete version ;o)

  Pascal (2008-04-10 14:02)

Or maybe they have a very slow connection and need several days to get the iso :)

  josé (2008-04-10 14:35)

because I just remembered I don't have anymore the ISO of the installer of that server that will be just gone out of support on April 13th ;-)

  liberforce (2008-04-10 14:51)

Maybe for the same reason I downloaded and burned a Mandriva Linux 2008.0 Free DVD last night ? Just because in, torrents for 2008.0 and 2008.1 are mixed. As naming scheme has changed (again !), it difficult to see which is which.<br><br>Why don't you create a symlink to a dir containing the latest release products ? Putting several releases in the same directory is error-prone for thoughtless people like me :-)

  liberforce (2008-04-10 15:01)

Reading again my comment, I think it can be mistaken... I know your stats are for FTP, and I was talking about bittorrent... It was just to point out that sometimes, either people are a bit distracted (which seems to be the case on FTP, as the wrong tranfers seem to be incomplete), or sometimes the informations is just misleading (which is is a bit the case with the torrents). <br><br>The other problem may be the lack of information. For example, people may have missed the Move->One transition.<br><br>It's plausible, because some people still don't know Mandrake became Mandriva...

  liberforce (2008-04-10 15:06)

Oh, and what is more alarming, is people who try to download in devel/iso/2008.1. It seems however that this directory is now empty (well at least on the proxad mirror), so this should avoid confusions, until it's converted to a symlink to official/iso/2008.1.

  Pascal (2008-04-10 15:18)

People were downloading rc because the finale iso were not there in the beginning of the day :)

  José (2008-04-10 16:48)

This are PLF packages stats? So this only show the stats for the geeks that know about PLF. Most of end users don't know about PLF...<br><br>Another point, it is the number of packages downloaded. Maybe there was more packages updated/backported in 2008.0 PLF than before...

  Pascal (2008-04-10 16:53)

José: the numbers in the first post are for mandriva, the figure in the second post is for PLF. And this is only for one mirror, so anyway the numbers have no meaning, what is interesting is the progression...

  liberforce (2008-04-12 02:41)

Hum, for the isos: just try to choose an image to download 2008.1 on or<br><br>All the links point to 2008.0 mirrors... Sigh...