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  KDE 4.1

I was looking at a screenshot of KDE 4.1 which was released today, and noticed 2 things, one bad and one nice.

The bad one, the font rendering looks very bad (spacing between letters is often wrong, see "Favorites" for example). KDE is probably not faulty but they could have chosen a font working fine for the screenshot...

Then the good one, they changed the clock font (maybe it was already in KDE 4.0 I did not check). This is no longer the ugly segment display \o/

Update: Official announcment screenshot looks better and does not have the font issue.

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  Adam Williamson (2008-07-29 21:32)

Actually I think we're the only ones heroically sticking with the segment display for KDE 3. Most other distros switched to something else...

  Pascal (2008-07-29 21:37)

Maybe other distros patched to change the default, but upstream was still using it in 3.5<br><br>

  Anshul Jain (2008-07-30 09:06)

Peter,<br>From what I understand, there is a bug in QT4 which detects subpixel hinting at build time instead of runtime. Now, the Opensuse KDE4 builds have subpixel hinting turned off at build time and leave it upto the user to enable it through some patches (at run-time)...and this will not work..due to the bug. Since Suse is now a US company (Novell), they have this whole subpixel-rendering policy.<br><br>I believe Mandriva and Kubuntu have enabled it at build time and are not affected by this rather big bug, IMO. The official release statement could be a screenshot from a Mandy or Kubuntu machine and thus the good font rendering.<br><br>The first one is a screenshot from Stephan Binner who works for Suse (Novell) and thus has the terrible font rendering.<br><br>-Anshul