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  KDE 4.1 again

I had a look at a review on called "KDE 4.1 rocks the desktop" and was expecting to find some description of interesting things that have been added. Instead, the article is quite empty but worse, it contains only one screenshot which make dolphin (the file manager) look unusable (I don't know if it is, if this is the default layout, etc but think kind of article and screenshot will not motivate me to sped time trying). So, here is dolphin:

So, the useful part, the one with the name of your files (yes this is a file manager, I usually look for my files in file managers, using their name), is 77px out of the 614px of the window, that's 12% of the space used for the main content. Then you have a wide column with the size, and then a column with written 2008. Yes you'll get the full date if you scroll but I hate having to scroll to be able to get the useful information, just because the available space is wasted.

Why not having both side panels on the same side ? why not reducing the size column ?

Maybe this is not the default layout but that's sad that an article which is supposed to advertise a great release of KDE just make me feel it's even worse than KDE 3.


ghc people have been using darcs for more than 2 years and are now evaluating switching to another DVCS. The wiki page is interesting, comparing workflow and performances.

They also have some interesting fact about community size: #git: 388 members, #bzr: 143 members, #mercurial: 118 members, #darcs: 39 members. And also a picture from Debian.

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  Adam Williamson (2008-07-30 19:00)

.or alternatively, three times as many people need help figuring out git, compared to mercurial. =)

  Pascal (2008-07-30 19:02)

Interesting interpretation :)