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  Great day for gtk users

Bug #56070 Can't click button after setting it sensitive, open 7 years ago and bothering a lot of people in various apps, was fixed today!

The hero of the day is Cody Russell!

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  Benj [Wtf, this bug happened to me and I spent like three hours auditing my code thinking it was my fault!]

  yoho [It was especially annoying when using an internet browser ! I didn't know it was a GTK bug and I've never tried to fin..]



In my Living room I currently have 3 BESTÅ bookcases, and wanted to buy an additional one as they are now full.

I was very disappointed to see that IKEA France now only has the 40cm deep ones while mine are 20cm (perfect for pocket books, DVD and CD).

I could find it on their Australian website for 99 AUD which according to google is the same price I paid for mine 3 years ago, but Australia is a bit far from France, and Belgium or Switzerland don't have it. Japan and China also have it...

Should I move to Australia, China or Japan or buy a different one that would not fit ?

  English signs in China

Related to the very funny Translate server error sign, Funda posted another link pointing some very bad translations.

The expensive sun multiples by a duty a police to buy a brigade could be a small poem but it actually tells where is the police office of Guiyang station.

This other website gives a more detailed explanation for this one:

It's basically a character-by-character translation of 贵阳乘警支队: The expensive (贵) sun (阳) multiplies (乘) by a duty (??) a police (警) to pay (支) a brigade (队). What it should be: Guiyang (贵阳) Rail Police (乘警) Detachment (支队).

Even google would do better: Guiyang marshals detachment.

But at least there are the words "police" and "brigade" so someone looking for the police would find it :)


  Reducing useless work

When I read this, or this, I think that interesting things may happen soon!


  Britney Spears spam

I got hundreds of spam with subject starting with "Britney Spears" during the last few days, some are quite funny.

  • Britney Spears' vagina attacks warder and escapes rehab
  • Britney Spears Shoots Down American Spy Satellite With Her Vagina
  • Britney Spears Stashed Guns in her Vagina - Papparazzi Duck for Cover
  • Britney Spears Leaves Earth, Humanity Breathes Sigh of Relief
  • Britney Spears to Study Theoretical Quantum Mechanics at MIT

Update: a few more ones from today

  • Britney Spears Is Actually A Piece Of Broccoli
  • Britney Spears Recording New Album - Forgotten How To Sing
  • Britney Spears To Donate Eggs For Darfur

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  yoho [Paris Hilton To Invade Rwanda]

  yoho [Well this is not really spam as all links in the mail are invalid... it links to real websites but they don't have the..]

  yoho [This seems to be viruses :]



Last week-end was another one without coding, in London, and it was great!

On arrival on Friday evening I felt the pain of paying 4£ (5€) for on single metro trip. And if you see people who don't pay, they have a wonderful system for you to report them via sms.

On Saturday I have visited the exhibition Street & Studio: An Urban History of Photography which I strongly suggest you to visit (but hurry up, it's closing on next Sunday!).

Then we walked along the river and ended the day in a cool pub.

On Sunday we went to Notting Hill carnival which was great but I had to leave before 7pm to catch my train so I missed the end of Sunday and all Monday :(

As usual, I took too many photos, in case you are bored at work.

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  dummy [wonderful system for you to report them via sms... I have one word: Dégoutant !]

  Adam Williamson ["On arrival on Friday evening I felt the pain of paying 4£ (5€) for on single metro trip." Don't ever pay cash for tr..]