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Yesterday I was in Brussels with Thalys, which had not happened for a long time.

There were stickers everywhere to tell that WiFi is available on board, and some explanation available. In the information booklet there was a graphical explanation and text explanation in 3 languages. I started to read the text one which said something like "start your web browser (examples: Internet Explorer or Safari) and then noticed that in graphical version listed browsers were Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox with their icons. That's inconsistent but it's nice to see "alternative" browsers listed there.

Then I have read the magazine and it contains very good news.

  • Thalys will become high-speed to Amsterdam this year at last (they were already working on it when I was living in Amsterdam in 2001). That means Amsterdam will be 1h45 from Brussels and 3h15 from Paris.
  • New trains are coming up, with 5cm more for the legs by using thiner seats, and they will move the trash from the side into the seats to avoid having it pressing one of your legs.
  • This new train will also provide 220V on all seats while it was only available in first class until now, and only for the seats close to the wall. This is very helpful to use the Wi-Fi connection :)

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  John (2009-04-14 13:07)

If it's the same design (Lacroix) as the Paris-Zurich TGV, which has it since it went online, then be prepared for some trade-offs. The seats feel stiff and aren't as comfortable as some of the older designs (even the outdated Geneva and Nantes trains). Though I didn't check for plugs next to the seats on my last trip with the new design, that's a very nice addition.

  ReinoutS (2009-04-14 14:36)

I wouldn't count yet on a highspeed connection to Amsterdam for this year. The track has been finished for a while but the safety systems still have to be debugged. According to they're going to start with an experimental Rotterdam-Amsterdam connection at 160km/h (which even isn't running yet) and only then the Thalys will ride over the new trajectory.