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  New fast booting distro concept

Xandros has announced Presto. This is a new concept, not because it would seem to have something technicaly interesting, but because it is the first time I read about a Linux distribution with 7 days trial period.

After that, you can no longer use it more than 10 minutes if you don't pay the license.

That's great innovation from Xandros, isn't it ?

Do you think someone will bother writing a crack or distribute an unprotected version on p2p networks ?

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  Vadim P. (2009-04-18 14:10)

Most likely. I don't see myself using it, either way.

  Vadim P. (2009-04-18 14:10)

*update: not because I don't pay money for software - I do, and have donated lots.

  Marius Gedminas (2009-04-18 14:20) did it earlier.<br><br>Of course, Xandros is probably taking it more seriously.

  Alexander Jones (2009-04-18 18:57)

Good job they have the Freedom to do this.

  Nicholas (2009-04-18 19:21)

No! They re-invented the shareware concept of the early 90's... 15 years later. Based on someone else's hard work. And they have the bloody nerve to market it. Presto my arse...

  Duv (2009-04-18 19:46)

I don't know, I find this rather backwards... that they would be requesting a licensing fee for something that is provided free of cost.<br><br>Now normally, a company like this is ignored and resides in being a simple "bit-keeper" of gnu software. But considering that one, it happens to be one of the other companies that signed MS patent covenant, something that already seems to haunt Norvell; and that two, due to the boom of the EeePC netbooks, it's seen to have some clout in the industry... this becomes something of note. <br><br>I wonder if the gnu has been notified of this?

  Jsogo (2009-04-18 23:46)

And how are them doing that? A modified kernel? Recompile a pristine one. Some scripts? Delete them. It's damn easy to bypass such a limitation.

  John (J5) Palmieri (2009-04-19 00:44)

Perfectly legal since it is only the source which needs to be available for free. I don't see anything wrong with it other than I don't think it will work from a buisness standpoint. If Xandros brings more users to Linux then great. Those who don't want to pay still have a large amount of free distros to choose from.

  John (J5) Palmieri (2009-04-19 00:51)

BTW the suggestion that this should be cracked is about as old a mentality as shareware. Since you can get the bits and there are other free as in cost distros out there, it is much less onerous to just support one of those. By continuing to use cracked software you perpetuate its popularity whether or not you payed for it.

  Pascal (2009-04-19 01:37)

Yes there is no reason to crack it (and I would not suggest to crack any software), but I think that after importing such limitations into Linux world, we'll start finding cracked versions of linux distros on p2p someday

  Hub (2009-04-19 02:44)

It is just the proof that they have no clue about the business they stepped in. Nor do they like having feedback from their own employee. I have to confess that this is my biggest shame to have ever worked for them. I thought we could have done great thing, but they seems as close minded as that. It should be noted that version 4.0 of their desktop had an "activation" scheme, and the did piss off their own customers.<br><br>And if one think they'll bring users to Linux, think again.

  bochecha (2009-04-19 19:38)

Makes me think about this:<br><br><br>Mouahahahahahahahaha

  Béranger (2009-04-19 23:06)

Pascal, t'as rien compris. The trial period (à la shareware) is not the main issue. After all, a $20 "perpetual license" (NOT per year, as with RHEL and SLED/SLES and MCD/MCS) is not the end of the world. The real issue is that PRESTO REQUIRES A VALID WINDOWS LICENSE TO BE ABLE TO GET INSTALLED! You *need* Windows in order to run Linux! *That's* novelty!

  BrightSpark (2009-04-20 00:57)

Jeez, .. Shareware' .. what a blast (not) from the past.<br>Its tempting to 'crack' it just to 'stick it up 'em'.<br>But then, I'd never want to fire my laptop up, and be seen running the damn stuff anyway.<br>And fair enough thats their Business plan - lets cut 'em some slack .. and see how they do with it, and what they do with it.<br>I'll stick with Arch thanks ..

  andre (2009-04-20 03:12)

@Béranger: Sorry, but I don't see any reasons why it requires a *valid* windows license, hence t'as aussi rien compris. ;-)

  Colin (2009-04-20 16:55)

@andre: Because it's shipped as a Windows installer...

  HAL (2009-04-22 22:37)

@ andre<br><br>Ah ouai? Then see at<br><br>"PRESTO INSTALLATION:<br>Presto is a Windows application and thus is designed as a Windows install only. The installer is an EXE so that users can install and uninstall just like any other Windows application.<br>There are is no Linux installer at this time."<br><br>Then andre, who n'a rien compris hein?

  HAL (2009-04-22 22:44)

You can also read on the web page:<br><br>"SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLING AND RUNNING PRESTO:<br>&#8226; A desktop or laptop PC running Windows XP or Vista. Will not run in Win 95; MAC; or XANDROS/Linux desktops<br>&#8226; Windows File System must be NTFS without disk encryption"<br><br>No comment...