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  Vacation report

I started the month in Prague with toady. This is a nice city, and I did not manage to meet Andre!

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After a few days working, I spent two great weeks near London (and UK weather is actually not so bad!). And I will be there again soon!

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Now, something that may look more interesting to you. During that time, I could work again on neercs!

Development has been going at very irregular pace since sam had started it 3 years ago as a proof of concept and I was planning to release a 0.1 preview version after the two weeks but some things still need to be done before.

Like GNU screen, neercs allows you to detach a session from a terminal, but provides unique features.

Did you ever forget to start a process inside screen and the have to decide between killing it now or praying to not be disconnected close to the end? With neercs you can grab a running process (detach it from its current terminal and move it into neercs)!

Among other features: several window managers are provided (vertical split, horizontal split, cards, full screen); there is an animated screensaver, and locking; you can see real time thumbnails of your shells; window collapses when you destroy a term.


Unfortunately several things must be done before a first release: fixing some issues in terminal emulation (emacs works fine but not vim), improving performance, and having a 3d rotating cube when moving between terms in fullscreen mode (I hope Jylam will code this one day, he coded many of the features but now prefers watching TV). Sam helped on the performance side by adding a dirty rectangles API to libcaca last week, but more work is needed.

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  glandium [The single killer feature that would be really nice is a library, so that other applications can attach/detach windows..]

  C.M [Cool app, I'll try it as soon as Vim works.. ;-)]

  andre klapper [Yeah, but that's because I am an idiot... Sigh. Next time. :-)]