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  Hardware ECC Recovered on Samsung

I changed my hard drives 2 weeks ago, and two of the four 1TB drives are SAMSUNG HD103UJ, and both report very high number (and growing) on SMART attribute 195, Hardware ECC Recovered. Currently one is 40214632 for 222 hours up, and the other 23702532 for 217 hours.

Both this list and this one say this is the count of errors that were corrected by the internal mechanism.

More searches on Google gave me people with exact same disk and same question, and few people with other Samsung, but never any explanation

I looked at my other hard drives (non Samsung), and they actually don't report this attribute, so I started thinking that maybe the number of errors fixed by the hardware is always high but usually hidden.

Then, I found some emails of people who have 15 or 50 errors, so no, it is not normal to have dozens errors fixed each second.

Does anyone have an idea of what this value means on Samsung hard drives?

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  Erwan (2009-07-27 11:01)

could you post the smartctl -a of your drive ?<br>The raw value could be misleading as the implementation could be buggy or using a weird unit. What really counts is the VALUE/WORST/THRESH values. Trusting RAW value is always a difficult game except for some well known features.<br><br><br>My personal ST31000333AS reports that :<br>195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered 0x001a 047 031 000 Old_age Always - 228221365<br><br><br>Honestly, I don't really care about it.

  Pascal (2009-07-27 11:07)

Here is the full output http://pastebin.mandrivacom/13689<br>That line has 100/100/000 for VALUE/WORST/THRESH

  Jo Shields (2009-07-27 14:00)

Try a different SATA cable.<br><br>No, really.

  Jason D. Clinton (2009-07-27 17:09)

It's the SATA cable. Get one with some good shielding and it should stop increasing.

  Marius Gedminas (2009-07-27 19:08)

man smartcl explains the meaning of value/worst/thresh, in the description of --attributes. Short summary: since VALUE and WORST are much greater than THRESH, stop worrying.<br><br>Although make sure you have up-to-date backups. You never know what might happen.

  Anders (2009-07-29 21:34)

Status for my 4 HD103UJ's (~8.500 hours):<br>195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered: 67101009<br>195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered: 145251931<br>195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered: 103533125<br>195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered: 129426863<br>- They have reported high numbers since day one. I wouldn't worry about it.