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  For SFR, France is not in Europe

Here is an update on roaming and SMS in Europe. I wrote 2 months ago « they will decrease the price of SMS in Europe from 0.30€ to 0.13 (VAT included). » and I was wrong. The European directive was about roaming only and even if my operator (SFR) sent me a message stating that the price will be decreased for SMS sent from Europe zone, this does not include France.

After receiving my bill (containing 20 SMS from France to UK and 1 from UK), I got confirmation on the phone that SMS from France to Europe are charged 0.30 euro, and SMS from Europe to Europe are now charged 0.13 euro, because for them "Europe zone" means all European countries except France.

I still love this European directive, but I hate how mobile operators don't even try to look consistent in the prices, just to suck all the money they can.

Update: this is actually worse. On week days between 8 and 22, and on week ends, sending a SMS from France to France is 0.15 euro! So, sending a SMS to my operator's network from its own network is more expensive than sending it from abroad.

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  Jonathan (2009-08-24 16:36)

I wonder in what continent they thing France is :)

  Palin (2009-08-24 17:14)

Of course France in in the French continent, as everyone knows :). The problem is that nowadays Italy is drifting toward being in dictatorial Africa... :-|

  Hugo (2009-08-24 18:30)

In France, we have learned since Hadopi that European Union law don't apply to us :)

  Sense Hofstede (2009-08-24 18:38)

When I was in France I had to pay €0.55 for one SMS to anywhere else in Europe. In Germany it was €0.13 cents, like promised.<br>Sometimes, France, sometimes...

  miek (2009-08-24 19:15)

Well, that's normal behaviour for providers.<br><br>Even though it's not logical, it makes a lot of money for them...<br><br>Maybe next year, the EU will include, that EVERY SMS sent from within the EU to another European (EU) state will cost only 11c incl. VAT.

  Frederik Himpe (2009-08-24 19:55)

Here in Belgium exactly the same situation was uncovered in the news last week. A consumer organisation demanded for a maximum price to be imposed, but the responsible federal minister refuses to do this because "it would not be accepted by Europe"!?!<br>Instead he proposes to sell a new license for mobile telephony. As if many companies will be interested in spending a large amount of money to get a license in order to spend yet more money to build a whole new network and then be cheaper than the competition, in economical difficult times...

  andre (2009-08-24 23:14)

What about Europe to France? You didn't cover that part. :-P

  Marc (2009-08-24 23:41)

Same in Spain. The 3 big companies usually charge you 0.15 + VAT for every text message sent from Spain, but 0.11 + VAT if sent from the EU...

  wobo (2009-08-27 01:37)

All this is quite logical. What happened is that the EU ordered roaming fees to be decreased. Why? Because most international SMS are sent by tourists.<br>Now this does not apply to you, sending an SMS from France to anywhere, except you have a German or Italian or British mobile phone and provider. <br>The best thing to do: buy a cheap German mobile contract like Simyo and use this whenever you send an SMS in France to any other EU country. In this case the roaming rule applies and you pay only 13ct.<br>I checked that - I still have a french mobile with Orange contract, sending an SMS from Germany to Britain costs 13ct.<br>Beat the system with its own weapons.<br>

  Anssi Hannula (2009-08-27 17:03)

Humm, I didn't know they somewhere actually charge different amounts for SMS depending on which country it is sent to :O<br><br>Here in Finland all operators have had regular SMS rates around 0.06-0.08 EUR for years now, to any country, plus packages like 150 SMS 4,50/mo, 1000 SMS 11,90/mo, etc.