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  Plane Ticket Prices

To attend a wedding in Burkina Faso in February, I booked plane tickets today.

I won't complain that the return ticket went from 745 to 779 overnight while I was waiting for my salary, I always expect such increases.

What I really do not understand is why adding another flight makes the total price cheaper!

Here are 2 Air France prices:

22 February CDG 16h10 -> OUA 20h45 Flight 730
 1 March    OUA 23h25 -> CDG 05h50 Flight 735
Total price: EUR 864
22 February LHR 12h50 -> CDG 15h00 Flight 1281
22 February CDG 16h10 -> OUA 20h45 Flight 730
 1 March    OUA 23h25 -> CDG 05h50 Flight 735
 2 MArch    CDG 07h30 -> LHR 07h50 Flight 1080
Total price: EUR 779

Does someone have an explanation ? The prices are different on other days but always cheaper if I add flights between Paris and London

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  thedgence [Îòëè÷íûé ñàéò è ìàòåðèàëû î÷åíü ïîçíàâàòåëüíûå]

  Systems Trading [I somehow dont agree with a few things, but its great anyways.]

  credit repair [The information here is great. I will invite my friends here. Thanks]


  Mandriva Updates on Mandriva partitioning

Mandriva 2010 RC2 is about to be released, so here are some news about latest changes I did this week.

First, the partitioning wizard was updated.

During the last ten years it looked like this:


Only the custom partitioning was graphical.

Now it looks like this:


There are several known issues. First there is only one resizable Windows partition per disk, while I should change the one which has a slider when you click on another one. Another one is that I can not have the indicator aligned on top so there is no clear way to see where an option starts, so I temporarily added ugly separators

Other known issues are the color based on filesystem type so the new one is same color as existing ext* ones, no possibility to view content of a partition when clicking on it, and no information on partitions without label. I should fix all of this before 2010 final.

Another change, still related to partitionning: ext4 is now default FS!

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  GNOME Commenting on

I wanted to comment on blog post this morning. It is hosted on, which requires me to login or create an account. I tried to create an account but it refused because my email is invalid. Google helped me to find that to request a blog we need a, or email alias so I guess this is the same.

What is the point of having a blog where only a few people can comment on ?

Regarding the blog post itself, I wonder how it was installed. It looks like this is the proprietary version as it as usb support. Virtualbox now works fine without usbfs support so I guess some service is wrongly mounting it. And at the wrong place.

Update: as Pavel wrote in a comment, this would be a choice of the author of this specific blog, not the platform. I still think this choice is very wrong.

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