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  Going mobile

I recently found that O2 is selling in UK some 3G USB keys (Huawei E160) for 10GBP (11 EUR) with pay as you go sim.

One nice point is that they are not locked (reported by comgt as unlocked, tested to work with orange French sim). Locked ones from French operators are much more expensive...

Another point which may interest some people is that when you don't want to top-up (very cheap compared to France: 2GBP for 1day/500MB, 7.5GBP for 1week/1GB, 15GBP for 1month/3G), DNS tunnels work fine.


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  Jamie Bennett (2010-03-30 21:04)

Excellent, just what I need for my two week vacation in France. Now I just need a French PAYG data sim.

  Tobias (2010-03-30 23:13)

Do you have a good link to DNS tunneling?

  Pascal (2010-03-30 23:24)

Jamie: Unfortunately data is very expensive in France ( for example...)<br><br>Tobias: iodine and dns2tcp are both quite simple and documented

  Frank (2010-04-01 19:22)

Whenever I stay in france I use the free WiFi HotSpot at Mc Donalds or in several shopping malls

  Pascal (2010-04-01 19:30)

I had a look at various French operators websites and actually I think DNS tunnels might work too<br>I had never tried because of the price (14 EUR for 2 hours, the price of 1 month in UK) but maybe I should take one and never top-up :)

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