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  The most unusable branch locator I have seen so far

Today I wanted to locate an HSBC branch in London, close to either the office or my home. Thanks to HSBC I got upset before 8.

That starts fine, they have an "interactive map" or allow you to enter your postcode. Unfortunately they use only the beginning of the postcode (SW in my case) and then list you many towns in this area. Using the map stops at the same level. Then you click one of them (I should do all of them as I don't know some which may be close) and get No branch exists in ...

Is it so hard to list the closest ones from the given postcode or place them on a map? And what about just removing from the list the places without a branch?

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  MandrivaMageia Mandriva Linux forked by its developers: Mageia

The news is starting to spread, the Mandriva developers who recently lost their jobs announced today a fork of Mandriva Linux named Mageia. They have been followed by most Mandriva contributors and got positive feedback on various mailing lists and websites.

Nothing seems to be setup yet but many people are joining the irc server to offer their help! The main channel on freenode (#mageia) was already over 100 people today, few hours after announcement, and the development one (#mageia-dev) had almost 50 people.

I am not sure yet if I will be able to help them much, but I wish them best of luck and will anyway switch my Mandriva machines as soon as something is available.

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  ëåãêèå ìåòàëëîêîíñòðóêöèè [×åñòíî, íåïëîõàÿ íîâîñòü]

  ìîíòàæ ìåòàëëîêîíñòðóêöèé [Äóæå ³íôîðìàòèâíå ïîâ³äîìëåííÿ. Äÿêóºìî, ùî çíàéøëè ÷àñ ïîä³ëèòèñÿ ñâî¿ìè çîðó ç íàìè.]